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Rise Online World Frequently Asked Questions

Rise Online

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When and how will applicants be informed about alpha tests?
The applicants will be informed by e-mail before alpha tests begin. (Do not respect the e-mails coming from RiseOnlineWorld.com and the information outside the official channels)

Will re-registration be opened for alpha tests?
Alpha test registrations have been completed for the moment, and unless otherwise stated, re-opening is not on the agenda.

When is the game officially released?
It is very difficult and not very smart to give a clear history in a wide range of games like MMORPG. Today, even the biggest studios have to give a release date and postpone it later. Alpha tests will be done within 2 months. According to the feedback, closed beta, beta and official opening will be held. In any case, we would like to share this wonderful gaming experience with you in 2020.

Is the game Free to Play?
Yes, the game can be downloaded and played completely free of charge. In addition, there will be an in-game store system, but we will try to keep the difference between the player who spends money and the one who does not.

Will the game be on Steam or in the Epic Games Store?
We do not have a plan for this issue at the moment, we are just working to improve the game. Clearer explanations can only be made in the following stages.

In which language will the game be published?
Since we will launch it globally, it will be English at the first stage. Then Turkish language and other common languages will be added in a short time.

What are the System Requirements?
Tests and optimizations continue. We will soon be sharing minimum and recommended system requirements.
In the video, I sensed some breezes from games. Can you explain this topic?
We, like every game, examined many of the games that were made in this area in the past, we were inspired by the good things, we avoided the bad ones. Our goal is to provide players with an immersive and fluid gaming experience that they can quickly blend into.

Some skills are similar to different games. Why?
Considering that more than 1 million games have been released so far, it is one of the reactions to every game. Each player will find something similar to himself from the games he has played before, but it is completely unique.

Will there be races in the game? Or will there be more Solo Playing?
There will be 2 main breeds, as in many MMORPGs, Protean and Lunaskar. The story will be shared soon. Both Solo Playing and Group Playing will find a place in our game. In this sense, we tried to provide a gaming experience without stopping solo players.

How will you prevent things like lag, cheat and bug in the game?
The areas that we care about most are the situations mentioned. For this reason, we will minimize the negative game experience by fixing the errors that will arise in the game as soon as possible while struggling with cheating with the feedback of our valuable players. We will have an understanding of management and support that always listens to the player.
Although the graphics look quite detailed, can this game be played on every computer?
The graphics of our game are very high, but we have stabilized them in terms of gameplay. Nobody can present perfection at the first stage. However, we; We believe that we will make our game close to perfection with instant and fast interventions in line with the feedback of you players.

What is the most assertive in the game?
Our most ambitious subject is to respond to the demands of the players as soon as possible and to provide the necessary improvements. As these are made, our local game will come to very good places globally with your support. Of course, besides this, fraudulent, steamless and smooth gameplay is our main goal.

Why did you not announce the game before but suddenly you appeared?
As you can appreciate, confidentiality is the most important principle in such large projects. Again, we did not want to hope anyone before we reached a serious stage.

What is the problem with the patent?
The patent objection to the Rise Online World brand has been made by a bank institution, and it is related to the registration of the brand 'Rise'. For this reason, by stating that the 'Rise Online World' brand is similar to its own brand, they appealed. Our patent firm and legal unit are following the matter. As the details of the appeal were not provided,
the subject was attempted to be drawn to different places.

Why is the Official Forum not active?
The official forum is currently being meticulously prepared by our software team so that users can use it with the highest efficiency.
It will be available to you as soon as possible.